Super Power Wins

This is the first time I have audited Super Power.

We did the first 5 Rundowns and it was so much fun to audit, and the results were quite spectacular!

Thanks to Pierre for guiding us both through this and giving me the straight LRH data, not the made up Super Power that has been circulating on the internet.

Here is Roger’s success:

So far on Super Power I have done a CS 53, The Ethics

Repair Rundown, The Revitalization Rundown, The

Consequences Rundown, and the Bright Think Rundown.

I am SO blown away. I have never had so many particular

wins in one rundown. After doing NOTS, the Ls, FPRD, and

all the rest, I did not expect to have so much charge coming off.

So many valences blew. I became completely comfortable

in my location. I have SO much ARC for people, and I am so interested in life again. I am a completely different person than I was last week when I started.

I am excited about the future. Previously, I had always wanted to ‘get out of the game.’ Now I’m free to play it at more cause.

I feel so free from the consequences I created and feel responsibility for my life and the future.

I blew so much charge on the injustices in my life that had happened to me and to others.

This is a rundown that really handles what is holding you back from being what you are, and it releases your personal power to create and to live.

I was really happy that Pierre had the actual original LRH Rundowns.

I contacted Trey and he was happy to audit me on it. The C/Sing and auditing were superb, of the highest quality. Trey got me through it so smoothly.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to do it, and to have the best technical team supporting me in this.

I give these rundowns a 5 star recommendation for anyone who wants to be more OT!

Roger Weller