Trey Lotz Ministries

“My purpose is to give people an opportunity to do what they came into Scientology to do – fully handle their case and complete their case handling.”

Independent Scientologist Trey Lotz has been a full-time professional auditor for over 40 years with over 43,000 hours in the chair.  He delivers any audited actions from basic life repair up to NOTS, and is also an experienced Ls auditor.

Special Message From Trey:

Next year marks my 50th anniversary as a professional auditor.

Ever since I did my first auditor course, had my first auditing wins, and audited my first pc, I could see how important it was to someone’s future for them to do their bridge and handle their case. I could see that in this time and place, we have the possibility of unraveling the limitations and disabilities that have accumulated for eons. That reality has only expanded for me over the decades, and my understanding of its truth has only gotten deeper.

An auditor is basically someone who wants others to have the same wins he has had. I have had great benefits from doing my own bridge, and have seen over and over again the kinds of changes that happen in a person’s universe and in their lives when they have persisted and gotten themselves up the bridge as well.

I made a video recently that talks about some of the things I have observed happening with pcs, as well as myself over the long arc of going up the bridge. Particularly with the OT levels, and the Ls, the wins are very powerful and long lasting. It is very real to me that doing the bridge will result in a far better future for us than what we would otherwise have.

I have been so busy over the last year auditing 10-12 people everyday, 7 days a week, that I have not had a chance to post the great wins and success stories that people have written. I plan to start sending them out regularly again like I used to do.

The subject of this talk is dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy it and have some wins watching it.