Book 1 – A LIfe Long Anxiety Vaporized

I blew my identification with the body. There is total certainty that I will never have to get tangled up like this or get tangled up with any future body. My highly commended auditor, [[Trey Lotz]] is standardly applying BK1 auditing from the very beginning of this body to P.T.

There has been a constant erasing of MANY HEAVY ENGRAMS. Locks and Secondaries have been flying off.

Just yesterday a constant LIFE-LONG anxiety vaporized. Life long regular periods of depression, light to deep and bottomless depression, are gone. A life-long total and overwhelming despair has been no more for over a week. A constant headache has been absent and will never come back.

A variety of daily body somatics are gone!

My attention, thinking and Be Do Have are in Present time and are no longer constantly being yanked out of present time by the engrams I WAS surrounded with.

Before my auditing, I was faced with the poorhouse. Now my business is getting calls for projects, and demands for additional work on projects we are doing!

I now have a future! Life is great and full of wins again.

Special thanks to LRH,Trey, Nicci & Pierre.