Thank you, Trey Lotz, for so ably and coolly delivering this confirmation action of my attaining cause over life, thought and MEST. Elimination of case.

A beautiful, serene and powerful spiritual plateau accompanied by confidence in my theta perceptics and ability, with eager interest in further developing these, with life and challenges now so calmly approached and easily respected.

This fun and relatively brief action by Trey at end of NOTS and lower OT levels, not only confirmed and polished the state but also brought additional important awareness and ability at this high theta level. It’s all so stunning and wonderful, for the beautiful exciting future it opens up for me.

Thank you, Ron, for committing yourself so ably, selflessly and thoroughly, for making it as far as you did in the creation of the Bridge in a mere lifetime (with the vital NOTS research near the end) that has allowed me to win far more than any lottery.