I have been getting Certainty processes for some time now. The results have nothing short of miracles.

All throughout my life, I was faced with vast quantity of “may be’s” in different circumstances and lacking certainties. Even reading LRH materials and doing the Bridge steps could not fully handle the accumulated “may-be’s” of Whole Track because they were never addressed at the CoS. I can recall many instances of being stuck in “may be’s” and wondering why. I had read the Scientology materials and had audited to OT VII at CoS and in my session I had seen the truth, but still not able to act with certainty.

What really changed in me, doing Certainty Processes with Trey? My whole universe changed. My whole viewpoint of the world changed. My life changed for better. I became very certain on the subjects like truth, honesty, integrity, wisdom, happiness, religion, God, dynamics, helping others, optimum solutions, my spirituality, my immortality, my beingness, my knowingness, me, knowing I will be in the future, will be after this life time, my abilities to create good causes, choosing righteousness without getting stuck in “may -be’s”. Now this is CERTAINTY.

For some time, I have been experiencing spiritual bliss frequently – happiness way above any happiness I had experienced before – After OT VIII, I started to experience this new level of happiness. It continued with doing L11. And now it is continuing with doing the Certainty Processes. I realized as long as you continue your spiritual evolution, spiritual bliss will continue. The spiritual evolution can reach to The Absolute or Ultimate Awareness State and along the way.

Since I started in Scientology, I never stopped. I was either on course or was doing the next level. And since I started in the independent field, I have not stopped. I am getting several sessions each week for the past 3 years. The amount of progress I have made in the last 3 years in the independent field is more than the amount of progress I made in Cos in 30 years.

Spiritual bliss comes with continuing your spiritual evolution and moving up the Bridge and not stopping. No matter how small the gains are, you will make it and at some point you will experience what I have experienced – spiritual bliss- transcendent bliss.
To explain more clearly what I experience frequently these days – this writing does the job:

Bliss is the happiness of the highest order and is not dependent on any external stimulus. In the course of our spiritual progress, we find that perpetual happiness or Bliss. The quality and quantity as well as the duration of the experience of the Bliss are directly proportional to the stage of our spiritual evolution. By starting spiritual practice and making consistent efforts to increase it, we are able to find Bliss continually.

There are many levels of awareness from “Unaware State or Unconscious State to the Absolute or Ultimate Awareness State” and these can only be accomplished by continues spiritual evolution. LRH has built the Bridge. All one has to do is now walk on the Bridge and not stop until one reaches the Full OT State.

The net gain of all these is, fully living along the 8th Dynamics and having your own universe so vast and beautiful and helping LRH to create a new Civilization.

My endless love and gratitude to my auditor – Mr. Trey Lotz – for him I would have not made it and to LRH for making the Bridge to Total Freedom!!!

LRH: “It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession.” – PAB 79, 10 April 1956 The Open Channel (Tech Vol 3 p 343)

LRH “Auditors have since the first session of Scientology been the only individuals on this planet, in this universe capable of freeing man.”

Ali Shaw