2013 Las Vegas Convention

I wanted to post this for anyone who might be interested.

My talk relates insights and observations that I have had from auditing the Ls.

{The video can be found HERE.}

I have always been interested in how the tech makes it possible to understand and navigate through the problems and conflicts that we all encounter in our daily lives and how we can use this knowledge to increase the ARC and cooperation with those we live and work with and thus create more satisfying lives.

People are happiest when they are on purpose and winning.
Auditing and studying the tech helps people accomplish this.

Thanks to Ken Aaron who was nice enough to video it and post it for me.

True Mercy

I was in Scientology for a few decades, spending several years at the Flag Land Base as Sea Org staff. The ONLY P.C.’s “Blown out” were the P.C.’s in the L’s HGC. There is more false data about the L’s than any other auditing in the Church. As a Sea Org Member, I was told the L’s were just more “sec checks”.

This is so far from the truth it pisses me off. I am very sorry when I see the anti-marketing and rumors spread about the L’s. Upon finishing two L’s, I received an email from someone saying , “I know what the L’s are because I read THE INTERNET”.

I researched the Internet and what is up there is such an alter is, and is so misleading, I can not begin to tell you.

L’s are a MAKE RIGHT experience not a MAKE WRONG experience.

The Ls are a true MERCY experience in Scientology and is truly spiritual relief.

For myself I can you, I did not have a religious experience in Scientology until I went through 2 L’s.

There was NO make right experience until the L’s.

I just have to publish this here because these are the only experiences I have had in the game where I could be right in an auditing session, all the way across the boards. And the odd thing is, because of this mercy, I have risen above the condition of degraded being. I am sharing here, because this is vital information.

Trey, Thank you for this. You are very right all of the way. You are so right I see a new standard in all of this.

The Oracle

I Experience Myself As Free, Big, Able, And Knowing

Mary arrived here 5 weeks ago for intensive auditing.
First we completed L11 where she wrote:

“I am so happy, I feel like a mountain has been moved off, and my space is tall and wide!”

Next was L12 where she wrote:

“This is easily the ‘punchiest,’ the most case gain auditing I have ever had, and also the best time I have had in this lifetime, to say the least!

Then we embarked on her OT 5-NOTS which she finished today with a spectacular win!

“I completed NOTS today!

I experience myself in the world as free, big, able, and knowing, an immortal being who has never been anything else except when going down to have a game. This was achieved using LRH tech and by telling the Truth, My Truth!

This was not the “Self” I brought with me to Trey’s auditing room several weeks ago, a Self which was full of many things which weren’t me and weighed me down until I no longer recognized or could be “Myself Without Additives.”

Auditing is the high road to freedom and ability.

Thank you Trey for being a world-class auditor and for making this freedom possible.

No one, NO ONE should depart this life without completing OT 5!!


After This Auditing I Felt The Healing Had Begun

I had a lovely month back in my hometown, Buffalo, spending time with my mom and auditing my friends.

While I was there, I audited my pcs on an L11, an Original OT 7, and 3 Certainty Auditing programs!

When I got back home, Catherine arrived for a much welcomed return to begin her L10 set ups. I love being able to share this very powerful and vividly written win with you.

Her success story says it all.

I’ve had some powerful magical conversations in this Scientology adventure.

I admit most of them have been with Trey, he doesn’t seem to have an issue with my wild wild lives.

I usually tone down my conversations to accommodate the reality of the other person, but I haven’t found that necessary with Trey.

L12 was more magical than anything I had ever hoped to experience.

And, I started this review with a goal in mind, which is interesting to me now, because I have never set a goal for auditing before. Maybe that in itself was a result of having done L12. There was something I wanted to know about and understand, and I had that set in my mind before I started this review.

It only hit me halfway down the block after I left from the review I had made that goal.

There was something else I had been trying to figure out too, some oversight way back when, when a project went off the rails. By the time I reached the end end of the block, heading for my car, my oversight on that came to view. I had not made accommodations for security. So, I was able to own that.

I never thought about a review being very significant before, in terms of headway, but by the time I got into my car, I started to feel like pancake syrup spilling all over the Earth. I pulled out on the highway and I thought I should probably get off the road, as I was so exterior the road was moving way far to the right then way far to the left as I was trying to re position myself into a stable point of view to drive from.

I had a long drive, about six hours. I drove through the night thinking someday, it would be a good idea, if driving this exterior was illegal.

When I arrived at my final destination, the sun was coming up in the desert. All I wanted in this universe, was to lay down on the soft wet grass in front of my home, feel the blades of wet grass across my hands as I smoothed my hands across it, smell the Earth, open my mouth, and taste it.

The auditing before this, was to stop the bleeding. After this auditing, I felt the healing had begun.

On some level, I guess I could say it was some kind of “whole track life repair”.

I am so glad to be in this time and space, and know that I am in the right place at the right time, and whoever’s time or whatever’s time it is, doesn’t really matter any more. I can accept help from some one else and just be glad about it. Being a guest in someone else’s universe, is something I am willing to experience again.

And I have Trey to thank for this experience of being lifted above a chronic doubt condition, and out of my “trust issues”.

Not to suggest I will spend my trust foolishly. Just that I feel it is unstuck and I can move it around and shift it again and it is fluid and not in a fixed position of mistrust.

This has freed me away from distances I could not close for a long time.

Yes, I wish everyone could feel this feeling I have today.

Thank you Trey.



Absolutely Beyond My Expectations

Edith had been on Solo NOTS for many years in the church, and had been off the level for several years.
We did some clean up and she is ready to go back and complete it this time. She told me that she had made
more progress in those 5 hours of auditing than she had in the last 10 years in the Church.

Kate had been auditing on Solo NOTS and ran into some things she wanted to handle. We did a short review and
she is back on the level and winning again in life.

It was a pleasure having them both here getting auditing at the same time.

I was truly able to have my Kate and Edith too.

Here is Kate’s success story:

I finished up a review this last week. Absolutely beyond my expectations.

As an aside, while doing the L-12 a couple years ago I handled my fear of flying. I hadn’t flown since then so before getting on a plane to see Trey I was a bit anxious about it. It turned out I had NO fear and, in fact, I enjoyed every minute of the flight across the country, both ways. This was a huge win for me.

The auditing was flawless as usual. Trey is such a wonderful being. He really cares about his PCs and he is completely standard.

We ran a certainty process that just blew me away. After the auditing, things started to go wrong when I went to LAX to board the plane and I just KNEW there wouldn’t be a problem despite what was happening. I KNEW with certainty everything would come out okay and it did. Certainty is a wonderful thing. Trey has helped me look forward to the future instead of dreading it. I am mocking up so many exciting projects and plans. It’s hard to sleep for the create going on in my universe now.

I’ve been auditing on Solo Nots for 11 months. We did a bit of clean up on that as well. I am anxious to leap into session again. I wasn’t doing too bad but it’s great to have someone else put me on the cans just to check for anything that I might have missed and get it handled. If you want a “6 month check” this is the way to go. It doesn’t cost $20,000, no regging, no sec checking, no anything but “checking”. It’s like checking with your folks to make sure you’re doing the right things. Thanks dad.

When I returned home I felt like had not lived here until the day I got off the plane. The house, yard, everything looked strange. I am getting used to my new home all over again and I am blissfully happy. Really super happy. Thank you so much Trey.

I would highly recommend Trey’s services to everyone anywhere on the Bridge.

Kate Green

And here is Edith’s success:

I loved the auditing, and Trey!!
Each session rehabbed my spiritualness.
Each session was so spiritual, but not in the
sense of organized religion that I have been
exposed to before.

Trey is truly a savior.

Thank you so much!


I Just See The Thing For What It Is

Joe has been on his L10, and he wrote up a win that he has been having which I wanted to share. He describes a phenomena that everyone experiences on their Ls, but that is very hard to put into words. I think that Joe has done a very good job of that, and I wanted to share it with you.

Back in the day, several computer programmers showed me these small segments of programs (scripts) that were written and placed in an operating system – but were never engaged. They were phantom bits of ‘what if’ language that were intended to handle something really important at one time, but were forgotten about and never used. Or so the programmers thought. In actual practice, they did affect the system, they did steer the program to act erratically at times, and left the users scratching their heads, wondering what was happening.

Ls auditing appears to erase these segments of a “thetan’s operating system,” that cause him to routinely react negatively to certain things in life. It targets the myriad GPMs that haunt a thetan and removes the stranglehold they have over that person.

But I have come to realize that they do it quietly without a great deal of fanfare. I have found myself acting like I “normally do” when confronted with some setback or bogus opposition intention and was startled into PT to realize that some little ‘script’ had been disconnected and there was no longer any good reason for me to act that way.

I sat there, feeling a little foolish, about to dramatize some misemotion, when I realized I didn’t feel that misemotion. I didn’t feel anything. I just saw the thing for what it was, and decided to not react at all.

What a concept!

The Ls wins are unlike any other wins I’ve had. They are subtle. They come without warning at times, and they erase so deftly and stealthily entire areas of “now-I’m-supposed-to.” I have found myself starting to make the same old detours in handling life, and then realizing I no longer have to.

Now I am prompting myself to challenge many things. Why am I doing it like that? Is this the best way? Who says I can’t do that?

Simple, non-invasive prompts that remind me that I’m in charge.

This is good stuff!



Holiday Season Wins

There was no let up of auditing over the holidays. There were several people here from out of town, and we had lots of great wins and production! In the last 6 weeks we had 17 completions!

  • 1 Life Repair
  • 2 Grade 2x
  • 1 Grade 4x
  • 7 Certainty Processing
  • 4 NOTS DRDs
  • 1 Original OT 7
  • 1 NOTS

There are so many great success stories, it’s hard to pick just one. Here is a win from Mamie’s Certainty Processing. Certainty Processing is from the 8-8008 chapter of the same name. It audits concepts, not incidents, and is very effective. It runs 4-5 hours on average.

Here is Mamie’s success story:

When I walked through Trey’s door, I had many doubts as to how I was going to go on in life.
I just had too many doubts and uncertainties.
From my first session, I had incredible wins and I regained complete certainty on all areas of my life.
I have renewed my goals and purposes on many dynamics, especially as an artist and successful person.
I can create any future I desire without any negative considerations getting in the way.
Thank you Trey!


Original OT 7 – Know I Can Really Cause My Life

We’ve had a great couple of weeks here.
I did 79 hours of auditing, resulting in an L12, three Original OT 7, and two 8-8008 Certainty Auditing completions.

Novia has been the very capable ED of Hellen Chen’s org in Taiwan for 12 years. This org has over 100 staff and is the largest independent org in the world!

Here is her success story:

Doing these sessions, I feel so keyed out, and I did rehab my ability to make my intention happen.

Before, if something happened I had wished would happen, I thought it had happened by accident, because ‘I am lucky’. I didn’t believe I actually had the ability to make my intention happen.

But from these sessions, I found that all my intentions in the past really had happened in my real life.
That surprised me!

I now know I have this ability. I really can cause my life.

Thanks to my dear auditor Trey.



Sadness And Self Doubt Are Gone

I was very touched by Dora’s honest and heartfelt L12 success story.

Before I started L12, I thought I was pretty secure on the subject of beingness. I didn’t have any particular complaints regarding it. I am well up the bridge and well trained, so I felt cool on the subject, but I welcomed enhancement.

Well…….then it hit the fan. Because the tech of the L’s is so powerful, pointed and direct, it gets under the skin, it brings up what is really causing the assault on your beingness. As an OT who has worked hard at dismantling case over decades, it was exactly what I needed. It completely kicked my butt.

I met evil very early this lifetime, and the massive restimulation that took place set me on a course of “handling” feelings that I could not avoid. I put a structure in place to deal with it all and proceeded to live life bravely. I dealt with it with the “Suck It Up” method.

I ended up working ever harder to muster the strength to offset the incredible feelings of sadness and self doubt that I had, not to mention the massive whole track restim that was behind that.

Now the entirety of this complex mess is gone.

I have had a thousand correct indications of my true intentions, causing my affinity for myself, and especially my self respect, to sky rocket. It turns out that thetans are basically good! 🙂
I have had a thousand hidden evil influences located and blown that were shadows in the corners of my every action. I’ve had every doubt that I ever felt inspected and blown as “not mine”.

My true viewpoint became clearer and clearer, more and more validated. There was an incredible release of charge associated with such personal and weighty issues.

I can embrace clearly, without cringing, flinching or asserting, the integrity of the past, future and present being, in continuity, as a whole, as myself.

I have been a member of Amnesty International for years, standing up for prisoners of conscience. Little did I know I was one.

I am truly flabbergasted with the spectacular results from L12. I am taking great joy in the imagination and expectation of living in this extraordinary condition.

The brilliance of this LRH tech is stunning and I feel so honored & blessed to have received it.

My lovely auditor, Trey Lotz has the patience of Job, and I deeply appreciate his courage and skill in delivering this valuable tech, purely for the pre-OT, as LRH intended.

Dora Luca