I was in Scientology for a few decades, spending several years at the Flag Land Base as Sea Org staff. The ONLY P.C.’s “Blown out” were the P.C.’s in the L’s HGC. There is more false data about the L’s than any other auditing in the Church. As a Sea Org Member, I was told the L’s were just more “sec checks”.

This is so far from the truth it pisses me off. I am very sorry when I see the anti-marketing and rumors spread about the L’s. Upon finishing two L’s, I received an email from someone saying , “I know what the L’s are because I read THE INTERNET”.

I researched the Internet and what is up there is such an alter is, and is so misleading, I can not begin to tell you.

L’s are a MAKE RIGHT experience not a MAKE WRONG experience.

The Ls are a true MERCY experience in Scientology and is truly spiritual relief.

For myself I can you, I did not have a religious experience in Scientology until I went through 2 L’s.

There was NO make right experience until the L’s.

I just have to publish this here because these are the only experiences I have had in the game where I could be right in an auditing session, all the way across the boards. And the odd thing is, because of this mercy, I have risen above the condition of degraded being. I am sharing here, because this is vital information.

Trey, Thank you for this. You are very right all of the way. You are so right I see a new standard in all of this.

The Oracle