We’ve had a great couple of weeks here.
I did 79 hours of auditing, resulting in an L12, three Original OT 7, and two 8-8008 Certainty Auditing completions.

Novia has been the very capable ED of Hellen Chen’s org in Taiwan for 12 years. This org has over 100 staff and is the largest independent org in the world!

Here is her success story:

Doing these sessions, I feel so keyed out, and I did rehab my ability to make my intention happen.

Before, if something happened I had wished would happen, I thought it had happened by accident, because ‘I am lucky’. I didn’t believe I actually had the ability to make my intention happen.

But from these sessions, I found that all my intentions in the past really had happened in my real life.
That surprised me!

I now know I have this ability. I really can cause my life.

Thanks to my dear auditor Trey.