Joe has been on his L10, and he wrote up a win that he has been having which I wanted to share. He describes a phenomena that everyone experiences on their Ls, but that is very hard to put into words. I think that Joe has done a very good job of that, and I wanted to share it with you.

Back in the day, several computer programmers showed me these small segments of programs (scripts) that were written and placed in an operating system – but were never engaged. They were phantom bits of ‘what if’ language that were intended to handle something really important at one time, but were forgotten about and never used. Or so the programmers thought. In actual practice, they did affect the system, they did steer the program to act erratically at times, and left the users scratching their heads, wondering what was happening.

Ls auditing appears to erase these segments of a “thetan’s operating system,” that cause him to routinely react negatively to certain things in life. It targets the myriad GPMs that haunt a thetan and removes the stranglehold they have over that person.

But I have come to realize that they do it quietly without a great deal of fanfare. I have found myself acting like I “normally do” when confronted with some setback or bogus opposition intention and was startled into PT to realize that some little ‘script’ had been disconnected and there was no longer any good reason for me to act that way.

I sat there, feeling a little foolish, about to dramatize some misemotion, when I realized I didn’t feel that misemotion. I didn’t feel anything. I just saw the thing for what it was, and decided to not react at all.

What a concept!

The Ls wins are unlike any other wins I’ve had. They are subtle. They come without warning at times, and they erase so deftly and stealthily entire areas of “now-I’m-supposed-to.” I have found myself starting to make the same old detours in handling life, and then realizing I no longer have to.

Now I am prompting myself to challenge many things. Why am I doing it like that? Is this the best way? Who says I can’t do that?

Simple, non-invasive prompts that remind me that I’m in charge.

This is good stuff!