There was no let up of auditing over the holidays. There were several people here from out of town, and we had lots of great wins and production! In the last 6 weeks we had 17 completions!

  • 1 Life Repair
  • 2 Grade 2x
  • 1 Grade 4x
  • 7 Certainty Processing
  • 4 NOTS DRDs
  • 1 Original OT 7
  • 1 NOTS

There are so many great success stories, it’s hard to pick just one. Here is a win from Mamie’s Certainty Processing. Certainty Processing is from the 8-8008 chapter of the same name. It audits concepts, not incidents, and is very effective. It runs 4-5 hours on average.

Here is Mamie’s success story:

When I walked through Trey’s door, I had many doubts as to how I was going to go on in life.
I just had too many doubts and uncertainties.
From my first session, I had incredible wins and I regained complete certainty on all areas of my life.
I have renewed my goals and purposes on many dynamics, especially as an artist and successful person.
I can create any future I desire without any negative considerations getting in the way.
Thank you Trey!