What a great week!

Suzy finished her L12! She also attested to her Solo Course.

Jim Attested to his L10, Stella attested to her review, and Ken attested to having attained the state of Clear.

Plus, I did 44 hours in the chair, my highest ever since going indie!

Here is Suzy’s success story:

I just wanted to thank LRH for his brilliant tech.

I love him for his gifts to humanity.

I love studying it every day, and of course, I am grateful for every minute I spend holding the cans. I also achieved a long time goal today. I attested to the Solo Course Part 1.

I now would also like to audit others again as well.

That brings me to Trey, my intrepid auditor. He is flawless, with the great ability to seamlessly apply 100% Standard Tech to any situation I can throw at him.

He is my true friend. My admiration for his dedication to mankind is boundless!

As for L12, it was a glorious adventure, full of rare experiences on both a theta and a MEST level. I had so many huge wins, every session could have been an EP.

The attainment of this rundown is to know. Words fail in the attainment of knowing.

No words.

No identity

I am knowing.

I am truth.

The world shifted every day to a more beautiful and safer space.

My deepest gratitude to LRH and Trey.