I was very touched by Dora’s honest and heartfelt L12 success story.

Before I started L12, I thought I was pretty secure on the subject of beingness. I didn’t have any particular complaints regarding it. I am well up the bridge and well trained, so I felt cool on the subject, but I welcomed enhancement.

Well…….then it hit the fan. Because the tech of the L’s is so powerful, pointed and direct, it gets under the skin, it brings up what is really causing the assault on your beingness. As an OT who has worked hard at dismantling case over decades, it was exactly what I needed. It completely kicked my butt.

I met evil very early this lifetime, and the massive restimulation that took place set me on a course of “handling” feelings that I could not avoid. I put a structure in place to deal with it all and proceeded to live life bravely. I dealt with it with the “Suck It Up” method.

I ended up working ever harder to muster the strength to offset the incredible feelings of sadness and self doubt that I had, not to mention the massive whole track restim that was behind that.

Now the entirety of this complex mess is gone.

I have had a thousand correct indications of my true intentions, causing my affinity for myself, and especially my self respect, to sky rocket. It turns out that thetans are basically good! 🙂
I have had a thousand hidden evil influences located and blown that were shadows in the corners of my every action. I’ve had every doubt that I ever felt inspected and blown as “not mine”.

My true viewpoint became clearer and clearer, more and more validated. There was an incredible release of charge associated with such personal and weighty issues.

I can embrace clearly, without cringing, flinching or asserting, the integrity of the past, future and present being, in continuity, as a whole, as myself.

I have been a member of Amnesty International for years, standing up for prisoners of conscience. Little did I know I was one.

I am truly flabbergasted with the spectacular results from L12. I am taking great joy in the imagination and expectation of living in this extraordinary condition.

The brilliance of this LRH tech is stunning and I feel so honored & blessed to have received it.

My lovely auditor, Trey Lotz has the patience of Job, and I deeply appreciate his courage and skill in delivering this valuable tech, purely for the pre-OT, as LRH intended.

Dora Luca