Simone’s success story shows how the Second Dynamic can be addressed to the point where a person comes completely into PT and is totally ready to create the future.

No baggage from past relationships to get in the way!

Here is Simone’s success story:

I am SO excited that I decided to do L11 Expanded on my 2D!!

I had a consideration about the dynamic and about my ability to operate completely in PT with my 2D prospects. I no longer have ANY such considerations!

I am prepared to love, appreciate and recognize the importance of each new thetan in my life. This dynamic is a blank canvas upon which I can create a masterpiece!

What a wonderful prospect, and how I look forward to the adventure!

Thank you Trey for being a pillar of integrity and exactness as always. You set the example on all sorts of dynamics, so now you are included in my family too.


Simone Luca