This was Dora’s first auditing in the Indie field.

Her last auditing didn’t go well, to say the least. I have had several people with cycles like hers recently. They all cleaned up easily and they are all winning with the tech again.

When someone isn’t doing well, it definitely affects the people that care about them. So I was also particularly happy to get this second comm from her husband a few days after we finished.

Here are Dora and Joe’s success stories:

After many intensives of “Reverse Scientology & Dianetics” I felt hopeless, invalidated and dysfunctional.

Now I feel recovered and hopeful!

My affinity for life has returned.

Trey’s decency courage and skill has made this possible, and is very much appreciated.



And from Joe:

Last night when Dora called me and told me that she had finished her Review and was going to start on L11, I could hear the happiness in her voice.

I felt something move in my space.

It was a dark little abscessed pocket of despair that had festered since 2007 when Dora came home from her last trip to Flag.

It had been there as a reminder of how poorly she had been handled,  and how blind the terminals had been in not seeing this beautiful being  and how hopeless I had become of ever getting it resolved.

This little pocket of despair is gone now because of your efforts and I wanted to make sure that you understood how much I appreciate what you’ve done for her and how much I respect the skill it took to do so.

So, thank you Mr. Trey.