I am always especially happy to hear about the life wins that someone experiences from their auditing after they are back in their home environment.

I have gotten several e-mails recently from people who are back home after having finished some Ls auditing, and who are now experiencing the life wins and changes from these rundowns. I will be posting some of these over the next few weeks.

People find out that they are responding differently than before, and that life itself is different. They feel better emotionally, they respond to things differently, they don’t have the same reactions or upsets that they have always had before. And most importantly, their level of happiness is at a new level.

Here is Dora’s success story:

My life has markedly changed since finishing L11 about a month ago.

As I was enjoying my first days after attesting, I noticed that my usual array of somatics were missing. I usually felt like a pin cushion, with sharp pains all over, which I’ve always thought would get handled “later”. I even saw a doctor once, who named it something important. I initially thought that the somatics were gone because I was well rested, and that they would, of course, all come back. I also started to wake up a few hours earlier in the morning. Again, I thought it was just an odd day, because I always needed 9 hours sleep or more, to feel ok. Well, a month later, I’ve dropped 1-3 hours a night in needed sleep and I feel MORE rested than I used to. My regular group of somatics is gone, really gone, no hint of any return.

I do a lot of physical work, so I was always having to take breaks, or a day off, when my somatics got too intense. Since I finished L11, as these somatics are gone, I’ve been able to do whatever I want without interruption. I can go hours longer and several more hours each day of whatever production I want to. I can’t tell you how pleasant this is for me to enjoy my work without fighting pain on a daily basis.

I find this surprising and fascinating, that handling charge on identities has resulted in such a cool, life enhancing change. Having done many OT levels, it was especially aggravating, because I just couldn’t find that part of the case to run! It was elusive to me, causing a lot of irritation and stolen attention. It cost me so much sleep to recover from what I was dealing with each day. Other OT abilities which I’ve attested to, are now unencumbered, to enjoy without mitigation. LRH was so clever in his approach to the PTP of handling a person’s charge on conflicting personas. The Ls tech deconstructs the GPM until it is no more.

I was never one to desire L’s. The promo was always vague and superfluous to me. I’m so glad I took advantage of this opportunity to do L11, which I had no idea I needed so badly.

I felt very safe with my auditor, Trey Lotz who skillfully got me through a complex rundown.

I feel I’ve received a beautiful gift.