There have been some truly spectacular wins on the Ls lately.

Some of them startled even me!



L10 Win

It is hard to put into words what happened.

We found and were running something that was the exact right item for me.

All of a sudden, something occurred where my space changed form!

I noticed a marked relaxation in my face which floated into a broad smile all on its own. Once again my F/N went into a floating TA.

Sunbeam Jackson

L12 Win

The room looks psychedelic. I’m seeing frequencies.

The colors are moving! Things are less solid, and wavelengths-I can see them moving.

I feel like I’m carrying so much less weight. I’m able to be more in present time. This is what holds OTs back. There’s something back there and you hold part of yourself back there until it’s resolved.

Suzy Q

L11 Win

Whoa! Things are really different over here.

I don’t fully realize how things are for me now.

There’s case gain beyond what I’m aware of.

Today my space was really different.

There’s all kinds of bigness over here!!