My pc had a super blow out win today on his L12 auditing.

His comment was “Wow, this L12 really packs a punch!”

This person has never been in the church either!

Here is his success story:

The abilities I have gained are just out of proportion to any other action before.

I have discovered that I have been acting illogically and I gained the ability to spot the source of my illogical actions. This is a wonderful ability and it sticks to me on a daily basis, allowing me to spot information as it comes to me, or as I remember that it contains illogical elements. This immediately allows me to question and then dispose of, or correct the illogical or false parts.

Another ability gained is that I now see all the paths through which I have allowed others and circumstances to steer me from my self determinism. This is from now on going to change to how it should be; which is for me to bend the circumstances my way.

I have also gained the ability to feel and know what has charge on it. I was able to study and analyze the mechanism of charge affecting my body. This is of course only possible due to my ability to get exterior enough to view this, but not be too exterior to the process either.

I have discovered several implants and even some left over engrams as well which were otherwise unnoticed before.

Finally, the most important win is my discovery of the nature of my own case. I have realized that what happens during auditing is as simple as another person sitting in front of me being able to affect me just by saying words to me. If anyone is in doubt that they need auditing in order to gain full self determinism and to not be reactive, all they have to do is observe that simple words can cause the e-meter to show their reaction. Therefore the goal would be to have an F/N that would F/N continuously regardless of what the auditor says.

I believe I have just made a giant step towards that state!