I have been holding back on writing a success story for the last few weeks. Mostly because this level is SO personal to me, that sharing some of the awareness changes I have had I felt may invalidate others realities, and therefor I have been silent to the masses.

Not anymore!

I figured out how to share my wins with everyone else and hopefully not invalidate anyone.

First a little history:

I completed all levels up thru Solo NOTS. (that includes original OT 5,6,7). In addition ( out of interest) I did the Rons Org levels Excaliber, and Phoenix.

Then I was about to start OT 8, but a good friend, Ken Urquhart, told me I could do my L’s with Try Lotz, who was trained by Class XII, Pierre Ethier.

The journey began; L 11 to me is the “love L”…….I just developed an affinity for everyone I met….and those who know me know I get along and like people already.

L 12, for me was something I was for a long time interested in and these are a few things I discovered along the way ( and Im not done yet).

I answered (for me) the following questions on L 12;

Why did the reactive bank get formed in the first place?
What is the real purpose of Solo NOTS?
How far “up the bridge” does a being have to go to “be” full OT?
How deep, do the “roots” of the reactive mind go?
Why did we really deviate from the early 1950’s process’s?
How important are correction lists to a case’s progress?
Where is “full self determinism” really returned?
Where does one start operating in a Pan determined capacity?
What does “fully exterior” really mean?
How powerful are you really?
How much trouble can you get yourself involved with? and away from?

and many, many other questions I have had for a long, long time.

My results are specific to my existence and experience, so therefor yours will most likely be specifically personal to you.

This action has been a lot of fun, and a lot of great auditing work accomplished. Some of it, long overdue, in my estimation.

I analogize this level as to pulling weeds out by the roots. Everything else up to here was awesome, but was like “mowing the lawn” for me compared to this action.

My realization to all the above is the following; there is a LOT more “weed pulling” work for me to do casewise then what I thought before doing this level. But the beauty of it is, I see it easily doable, and am exterior to most of it at this point in time.

I wish you all the best in your personal journey, and if you can get to doing these actions, make sure you do. You deserve it.

all my Love