{I just HAD to share this with you all. It’s a volunteered testimonial from a PC of Trey Lotz.’ I got permission from the PC to post it here….. purr purr……… Anita}

Just wanted to update you on what’s happening. I was in session a couple of times today, I have to say this is fantastic. We haven’t even started L11 yet and I am already enjoying myself and getting lots of wins on some deep subjects. This is the way I perceived the tech should be delivered. I get in session, get wins, I get to go and enjoy them. It’s sad, but it’s a weird sensation of having a great session and not being sent to the reg, confronted by a crush selling IAS reg, Super Power reg, etc. I just get to HAVE it.

Thanks again for referring me to Trey. He is a great guy and an excellent auditor. I feel like I am being audited by a BEING and not a robot. I am more comfortable talking with him in session than with any other auditor because I feel I can say whatever I want to say without fear of being sent to ethics for saying or thinking something the Co$ considers “bad”.