I was very happy to complete my pc on L11!

Here is his success story:

This was the most amazing action I have ever done. Throughout the entire R/D I was blowing charge I didn’t even know I had. With each auditing session, I found myself becoming more calm and stable. As a matter of fact, I felt myself moving more into the theta universe, becoming more spiritual, and out of the physical universe.

The shining moment came when I came upon the one missing thing that has aberrated me, caused me the most grief and stress, and has caused me to create problems for others across all dynamics. When I spotted that, the charge blew and all of a sudden I felt like a new person. Actually I felt like me again, and I felt renewed across all 8 dynamics. I truly do fell like I have a new life.

The auditing during this action was fantastic, some of the best I’ve ever had. It is a relief also to know that this is available, so I can continue doing my Ls.

Thanks Trey!