Hi Trey,

I wanted to give you an update on my L11 wins, since my L11 success story a week ago was kind of nebulous.
Right after L11, I felt like things were shifting, but I didn’t know in what way.

Since L11, many little physical things are falling into place in my life so much easier, all without me trying.
It’s like a smarter part of me is more operable now, and I’m watching the results of that part of me operate.
Then I think, “Wow, I did that, and look how easy it was. How’d I do that? That’s amazing.”

Others have commented on how much better I’m handling people, and other things too. They can see how much better my confront is.

I’m seeing all of that too.

One example is: one type of report that used to take me at least 5 hours to write and edit, yesterday took me 1.5 hours
And, more importantly, I didn’t have all the mis-emotion I used to have while writing it.

During the several days I spent driving home from Los Angeles after L11, I had ideas for new things I could do. And they all seemed realistically possible. I then went back to the project I’d been working on all year. It had been totally derailed while I was gone. I was so much less upset dealing with the mess than I would have been in the past. And I could think more clearly while dealing with it.

I had been upset over the last two days because the ideal scene I’ve been working so hard towards was suddenly stopped by others. Today I realized what was keying in, a time when I had a definite purpose while fighting a war, and the whole planet suddenly got blown up. That understanding just sort of appeared without me looking for it. Immediately I knew that all I needed was a new ideal scene to work towards, and voila! I’m all happy, optimistic and moving forward again.
All of the upset was over. That’s pretty cool! That had to be from L11, because I never did that before.

I have a feeling I’m going to keep seeing wins from L11 for a long time.

Thank you, Trey! You’re wonderful to make such valuable auditing available to people, and to deliver it with so much love and care.