Steve was almost at the end of Grade 1 when some data came up about his last lifetime Dianetic auditing and a big win that he had at the time.

We pulled the string on it, cleaned it up, and he attested to Clear!

He attested to the EP of Grade1 shortly after that!

Here are his success stories:


I feel different. I feel calmer, more rational, I am not easily upset.

I also seem to see a little differently. I see with more focus, yet I see a bigger view also.

I also act differently. I am more spontaneous, there is less Q & A, and I act without “worry” about my actions



I feel relaxed. Not worried.

I see situations come up and calmly figure out the best course of action to resolve and handle them.

In some cases I can even decide to ignore those situations as they are truly not mine to worry about.

They are actually someone else’s problem!

Thanks for your help Trey!