Two more L12 completions last week!

I also got a chance to add up my hours for the year.  Last year I audited 1750 hours. And that is the most hours I have ever audited in 44 years as a full time professional auditor!

Here is Sue’s L12 Success story:

We cleared out so many unwanted things, I know they won’t affect me again.

Now I can Be Do and Have things I wasn’t able to before, because the things that were stopping me in my own mind are gone!

Life and interacting with people is so much easier, I have a new life!

It’s easier to be happy for no reason at all, and I fell a lot more affinity for people, and for everything.

A physical ailment that I had for years vanished!

Thank you Trey, you are the best, and one of the most valuable beings on the planet.