I’ve had a resurgence of energy and happiness the last couple days stemming from my last L10 session with Trey. It amazes me that the simplicity and exactness of the tech correctly applied can produce such an automatic positive effect without my having to figure it all out. It just occurs and poof… I’m zooming around confronting normally hard to confront things effortlessly and happily.

Trey listed just long enough to locate my item. I then proceeded to really see from my own subjective viewpoint, the universe of someone stuck in a suppressive incident in the past and how that plays out in PT when I stumble into this person’s universe; the mechanisms of how this plays out in my own universe where I start to oppose this person opposing me (who is really opposing someone in the past who he is confusing with me in PT). The moment I oppose the one who is opposing me, I start doing to that person the same thing he appears to be doing to me resulting in my going out of valence and PTS to the SP and other resultant misery and upset.

The moment in session I spotted all this and really grokked the whole thing, it all blew. I feel that I’ve achieved a natural sense of maintaining my position and self in the face of suppression. The ramifications of this ability are tremendous and make for a much happier life.

Thank you Trey and Ron,
Sunbeam Jackson